Funeral Transporter

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Regardless of the religion of the person who lost his life, we provide services to send him off in accordance with his belief. We solve all kinds of problems that may arise in this process, thanks to our expert team and widespread branch network. You can find our detailed services below.


Death in Hospital

In case of death in the hospital, the necessary procedures are carried out in the hospital, the necessary documents are prepared and the information is completed by our expert staff.

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Death at Home

In case of death at home, all services, from informing the doctor and the police to picking up the deceased from the house, are provided by our team, which provides 24/7 uninterrupted service.


Municipal Transactions

After the death occurs, our company performs the procedures such as getting a death certificate from the city municipality, obtaining a death certificate from the Population Administration, issuing transfer or burial permits. Our staff will be in contact with the relatives of the deceased in order to complete the procedures in a short time.


Prosecution and Police operations

In case of death in any accident or suspicious way; For example, in the event of a traffic accident or a dead person found dead alone at home, the body can be confiscated. In such cases, after a series of procedures are carried out in the prosecutor's office and police offices, necessary permissions are obtained and the body is received. Our company, thanks to its many years of experience and expert staff, makes all the necessary initiatives on your behalf and quickly concludes it.


Morgue Storage

It is important to preserve the body during the transport process. Our company provides the preservation of the corpse within its own body or at one of the contracted morgue points.



Relatives of the deceased may prefer various types of coffins. This selection is between standard, luxury, refrigerated, walnut inlaid coffin types. The corpse is transported in the preferred coffin in accordance with religious rules.


Funeral Transport Preparation

With the transport permits and documents obtained from official institutions, the funeral is prepared for transport to the requested address in Europe or Turkey, depending on the place of burial.

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Funeral Burial in Europe

In all cities of Europe, we ensure that all organizations and obligations are fulfilled in the best way in the burial of the body in contracted cemeteries according to the wishes of the family.



We act in line with the demands of the relatives of the funeral in the organization of the burial place and the fulfillment of the procedures in the cemeteries with which we cooperate in many cities of Europe.


International Official Transactions

Our expert staff ensures that international funeral transfer and transit documents are obtained from embassies when the body is requested to be transferred to another country. It takes care of all other official and bureaucratic procedures that need to be done carefully and quickly.

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Funeral Transfer

We will take care of the necessary cargo operations for your body to reach the nearest airport in the city or town where it will be buried. We work in coordination so that your corpse can be taken from the airport quickly and safely by ambulance or funeral transport vehicle. If you request, the transfer process can be done with one of our private hearses, depending on the distance and proximity of the country where you want to be buried.


Flight Ticket

Air tickets are provided by us at the most affordable prices for the relatives who will accompany the funeral during the transport or for those who will attend the funeral. Thanks to its many years of experience, our company is an expert in air transportation and always offers you the best solutions.