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We carry out funeral transport and burial procedures for you from Turkey and the countries in the region to Europe. How much is the international funeral transfer fee? Call now to find out!

Why should you choose us for funeral transport to Europe?

This task, which requires special sensitivity, must be performed by qualified and professional employees. It is carried out by respecting the funeral and its family, taking into account religious obligations. The funeral transport company stands out with its fully equipped funeral vehicles and its clean and hygienic working principle. When the news of his death comes, delivers the body to the airport in the fastest and most careful way. Responsible employees fulfill their duties by supporting families. Funeral procedures are carried out according to the religion of the deceased. Supporting funeral relatives and handling legal and official affairs are carried out by


We Respect All Religions

We carry out your transfer transactions with maximum precision, regardless of religion. Hygiene and cleaning measures are our first priority.

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Rapid Funeral Transport

We take the deceased person from the country they are in and quickly transport them to the country where they will be transferred. While doing this, we act very quickly with air transport.


Legal Procedures

We take care of all the legal procedures for you. All you have to do is contact us. Then we run the whole process. You may experience pain and be busy with your loved ones.

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Submit your information quickly using the form on the side. We will contact you immediately. Fields marked with * are required to be filled. Or you can contact us directly from our phone numbers.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of an average funeral varies according to the location where it will be moved. Burial, service fees, transportation, coffin, fees and other preparations may affect the price. In addition to these costs can be added, including other things such as a cemetery, monument, marker or flower. In addition, the prices vary according to the service quality of the funeral transport company and the region it serves. For the best prices, please ask our contact numbers for prices.

    In most states, it is legal for a family to transport a body. Even if the family rents a minibus, airfare can be much cheaper. In addition, such a journey can have very therapeutic value. We undertake this inconvenience for people who have lost a loved one who is already in a painful process. We pick up and transport your body from any state you wish.

    Funeral transfer must comply with the laws of both the sending and receiving country. A certified language translation of the death certificate, written permission from local authorities to transport the body and, if necessary, its certificate must accompany the burial.

    Generally, the bodies are transported by cargo planes and are collected by a funeral home representative at the cargo terminal of the airport. However, you have the right to accompany the funeral (i.e. to put the body on a passenger plane on which you are traveling) and collect it yourself at the funeral destination.

    The cost of sending the body internationally is calculated according to which country in Europe it will be transported. For example, you may want to transfer a funeral from Turkey to Germany. All you have to do is to contact us. We handle all the official transactions on your behalf and perform the transfer. You can easily reach our numbers on our contact page.

    As we mentioned before, prices vary according to the distance between countries. There is no fixed fee. All you have to do to get a price is to reach our company. We take care of all official transactions on your behalf and perform the funeral transfer.

    If a funeral needs to be transported internationally, time is of the essence. Arrangements are made for the deceased to be picked up from the place of death and transported to a morgue. Then, legal proceedings begin and necessary documents are prepared. Funeral Transporter, which follows all the procedures on your behalf, performs the transfer by plane.

    To transport the body by air, it may be necessary to book airfreight tickets along with embalming and coffin services. Documentation and customs clearance is quite complex and therefore it is recommended that you seek the services of funeral providers such as

    You can get quick support by phone by contacting us on our contact page. Then we quickly initiate legal proceedings on your behalf, pick up the body and transfer it by air. Don’t be intimidated by the complexity of legal paperwork arrangements. Our company carries out all the paperwork arrangements on your behalf.


    Our Services

    • 24/7 professional service, free information.
    • Receiving the death certificate, taking care of all official matters for transport or burial as soon as possible.
    • Procurement of specially prepared coffins and other necessary equipment in accordance with European standards.
    • Carrying out the transfer of the corpse on the same day, picking it up from the airport where it was sent, and delivering it to the desired address, if needed.
    • Assisting the companions in obtaining their tickets in the most economical way.
    • Spiritual Guidance Services

    Funeral Transport from Europe to Turkey or Other Countries

    We transport all foreign nationals who lost their lives in Europe to their countries. For this, all you have to do is reach us from our contact numbers. Our company handles all legal procedures on your behalf.